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Nothing is better than a live service to experience what God is doing among our community.

But if you are sick, traveling or it’s your first time watching, join us each Sunday morning at 10 AM.

(CST) Watch a live Stream Get the official CCC Church app.

Online giving, access to live stream, video archive, Church Community Builder all from your phone or tablet.

Search the IOS App Store or Google Play store for this free app or DOWNLOAD NOW If you are a member or regular attendee, you will want to login to our online directory and communications hub. Email davidd@if you have questions about Church Community Builder.

The Boosters have been organized to financially and organizationally support the GSMST music programs.

Many events are scheduled for the upcoming school year.

Please review the activities from the past school year and the events planned for the new year.

As, you know, these events require planning and aren’t without costs.

Through various fund raisers, membership drives, and individual donations of both time and money are needed to help make this a successful year.

My natural healthcare journey began nearly 20 years ago when I was having recurring digestive issues and migraines.

Thank God I had a family member introduce me to a safe and natural approach to my issues.